Quantitative research 

Zpětná vazba na práci s nástrojem Miro 
(Feedback on working with the Miro tool)

Quantitative research

Využití webu 100 metod v environmentálních neziskových organizacích
(Using the Web 100 Methods in Environmental Nonprofit Organizations)

Quantitative & Qualitative research for service design 

Preparing, implementing, and evaluating research with an emphasis on in-depth interviews and presentation the research conclusions to the team

User Research

-The importance of user research and its position within the design process
-research management and planning process
-principles of responsible, ethical and inclusive research,

Inclusive Design

-Theoretical concepts from the field of universal design
-Specifics of design for different target groups
-Needs of different target groups

Psychology for designers

-Work in an organization
-Working with the user
-Teamwork and working with oneself

Design experiments - hackathon

How could we turn online course creators into online learning designers?

Virtual reality 

Developer app testing and reviews + Social interactions 
(+ understanding of virtual space from architecture projects)

Information services and technology

Research on AI in the architectural design of earthquake-resistant buildings

The role of the designer in organizations

Discussions with designers at a professional theoretical level and a critical view of what can be achieved through design thinking 

Sensitive issues of today 

Seeking opportunities in complex social, business, environmental, and information issues